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California Self Storage Association

CSSA Strategic Plan

Creating a more dynamic organization

There has never been a more dynamic and changing time for the self storage industry. We have seen seismic changes in how we market, attract and retain new storage customers, how we develop and acquire new storage facilities and leverage technology to optimize daily performance in operations.

Each year our Board of Directors holds its strategic planning session in addition to its regularly scheduled board meetings, to identify the top market shifts, challenges and trends facing the self storage industry and to formulate a strategy for addressing these challenges.

Improving Our Technology Platform

We are investing in new technology to improve communications, event management, marketing, and content distribution for our members. Included is a newly designed mobile responsive website, upgraded member database and an upgrade in back office systems.

Optimizing Our Core Member Events

The CSSA is well known for its member events. We are analyzing what works and what doesn’t with our existing events, along with piloting new events as well as smaller educational workshops.

Expanding Education and Online Content

We will be updating and adding new exclusive educational content accessed online through our website. The new content will help educate operators in areas such as legal, operations and marketing.

Board Member Succession

The CSSA has been extremely fortunate over the years to have such a strong and dedicated board of directors. Our goal is to institutionalize a succession strategy to ensure we have a “deep bench” of current and future board members that are energetic, fresh thinking and represent the best interest of our members.

California Self Storage Association

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